Climate Anxiety and Young People

Author: Jodie Wassner, ANZ ACBS Member, Developmental Psychologist, Curious Kids Psychology Growing up in Australia, I barely gave a thought to climate and the environment. I vaguely remember the hype about CFCs in hairspray and deodorant in the late 1980s and dutifully switched to roll-on. But I never worried that my lifestyle had a time

“Board Level” – Winter 2019 ANZ ACBS President’s Update

Squeezing in just before the wildflowers of Spring, I bring you the Board’s Winter Update. Membership Launch 2019 has been a year where ANZ ACBS has focused on getting both local and sustainable. In the four years I’ve been on the Board, there has been the intention to bring in a paid Chapter membership. Paid

“Board Level” – Autumn 2019 ANZ ACBS President’s Update

The sun is setting earlier, the nights are getting colder. There’s no doubt winter IS coming. Why not take a moment to sit with a hot cup of tea and catch up with what your ANZ ACBS Board have been getting up to over the past Autumn months? In committing all this to writing, it’s

Hate Speech: How to Respond in the World we Live in

Authors Clare Sillence, ANZ ACBS Member, Social Worker   Sarah Mooy, ANZ ACBS Board Member, Psychologist   Toni Hanna, ANZ ACBS Member, Social Worker   Friday March 15th 2019 is one of many unleashed and tragic massacres that will remain in our memories for a long time. For many of us the news of the
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