2017 Annual Conference Presentations

2017 Annual Conference Presentations

Our wonderful presenters have kindly sent us their Presentations to ensure you can refer back to it if and when required.



Eric Morris

Dr Eric Morris

Presidential Address



Avigail Lev


Avigail Lev

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Couples



Clare S


Clare Sillence

Children who engage in problematic sexual behaviours: How to respond from an ACT perspective


Darin Cairns, Lisa Coyne and Louise Hayes
Lisa Coyne     Louisedarin-cairns

Family, Society and Culture:  The role of social systems in promoting the development of psychological flexibility.



Deborah Hart

Music Performance Masterclass ACT for music performance anxiety



Eric Morris


Dr Eric Morris, Paul Flaxman, Joe Oliver, Vasiliki Christodoulou, Nigel Guenole, Jo Lloyd and Frank Bond

Processes of change in two worksite mindfulness-based interventions



Dr Eric Morris and Jesse Gates:

Enhancing participation in ACT groups: Lessons from working in public sector mental health


Dr Eric Morris, Pat Dudgeon, JoAnne Dahl, Elizabeth Cook, Baljinder Sahdra,
Rhonda Craven, Paul Atkins, Janet Mooney

Eric MorrisPatDudgeonRoundtable2016JoAnne tea cup (1)Elizabeth Cook

baljinder-k-sahdraJanet MPaul AtkinsRhonda Craven

What role can contextual behavioural science play in progressive social change?


Dr Eric Morris, Lisa Coyne, Matthew Smout and Daniel Simsion

Eric MorrisLisa CoyneMSmout 3

The use of Exposure in ACT: what do we know?


Geetanjali Basarkod, Joseph Ciarrochi & Baljinder Sahdra 


The Six Ways to Well-Being (6WWeb): A new measure of behaviours that reduce mental ill-health and promote well-being


J Stump


Jacqueline Stump and Neil McClean

Obstacles in Identifying the Unique Processes of Change in ACT; Bringing Context into the Conversation




Jennifer Kemp

Using ACT with chronic illness




JoAnne tea cup (1)


JoAnne Dahl

ACT to Prevent Prejudice: Using Perspective taking to develop empathy and psychological flexibility


JoAnne Dahl, Ph.D

Living beyond your pain: Using ACT for Clients in Pain


jodieprof copy 2


Jodie Wassner

Practical ACT strategies to engage young people with autism, ADHD and anxiety.



Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 7.18.01 PM


Dr Kenneth Pakenham & Shelley Viskovich

Pilot Evaluation of a Web-Based Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).  Program to Promote Mental Health Skills  in University Student





Lanaya Ethington

Using Positive Psychology to Enhance Psychological Flexibility, Clinical Practice, and Therapist Self-Care




Lisa Coyne

Plenary Title: Walking with Fear: Curiosity, Willingness, & Flexibility

Fear and Flexibility: ACT for Anxiety and OCD in Young People

ACT for Parents of Anxious Children Manual 



Louise Hayes

DNA-v: A process model of acceptance, mindfulness and positive growth for children and adolescents






Mark Lee

The Occupational Values and Psychological Well-being of Australian Lawyers, and other lawyers from sites as thonbeck.com/.




Mary Sawyer

ACT against professional burnout: taking care of you so you can take care of them




MSmout 3

Dr Matthew Smout

The supervisor perspective: therapist behaviours that have the biggest impact on therapy outcome

ACTified Supervisor Perspective – Workshop Worksheet




Melissa Schellekens, Baljinder Sahdra & Joseph Ciarrochi 

Melissa Schellekensbaljinder-k-sahdra

Short and sweet: Abbreviating a self-report measure of student engagement (POSTER)




Nikita Kotlarov

Bonding when it hurts – ACT with Couples





Pat Dudgeon

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

Workshop: Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities: Solutions That Work: What the Evidence and Our People Tell Us



Paul Atkins


Paul Atkins

New developments in PROSOCIAL: Reducing coercion and enhancing autonomy in groups



Peta B


Peta Blevins

Development of a Mindfulness Training Program for Vocational Dance Students (POSTER)



Reyelle McKeever and Sacha Rombouts

Sacha photoReyelle

Putting the ACT in Activism


Reyelle McKeever, Sacha Rombouts, Darin Cairns & Sarah Emily Mooy

ReyelleSacha photosarah mdarin-cairns

ACTing out of the clinic – working with parents and schools to support children with complex needs




Richard Ryan

Motivating Sustained Behavior Change: Research and Practices from Self-Determination Theory

Richard Ryan

Putting Motivation to Work: Practice and Principles in Fostering High-Quality Engagement

sue adamson


Sue Adamson

Conference Moves



Tiffany Rochester and Elizabeth Cook

Tiff RochesterElizabeth Cook

From Practice to Policy: How can ACBS practitioners and scientists impact public policy?


Tiff Rochester


Tiffany Rochester, Giovambattista Presti & Andrew Whitehouse 

Building Resilient Parents: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Group Treatment for Parents of Newly-Diagnosed Children on the Autism Spectrum (POSTER)