2019 Pre-Conference Workshop Presenters

Louise Hayes

Louise Hayes is a clinical psychologist who focusses on using acceptance, mindfulness, and positive growth treatments. She is well known for her work using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for young people and is currently the President Elect of the Association for Contextual Behavioural Science. Louise uses acceptance and mindfulness based treatments with young people in schools and clinical settings. She is an author, international speaker, a senior fellow with The University of Melbourne and Orygen, and a peer reviewed Acceptance and Commitment Therapy/Training (ACT) trainer.  She is the co-author of the best-selling book, Get Out of Your Mind and into your Life for Teenagers: A Guide to Living an Extraordinary Life, and the newly released book, The Thriving Adolescent: Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Positive Psychology to Help Teens Manage Emotions, Achieve Goals, and Build Connection. Together with Joseph Ciarrochi she conducts research and treatment development; the latest work is DNA-v, a treatment model for young people. Louise is an active philanthropist, taking mental health professionals into the Himalaya to develop their mindfulness skills and raising funds for poor children in remote Nepal. For more information on Louise go to – www.louishayes.com.au or www.thrivingadolescent.com

Joseph Ciarrochi

Joseph Ciarrochi is professor at the Institute for Positive Psychology and Education, Australian Catholic University.. Joseph has published over 110 scientific journal articles and many books, including  the best selling Get out of your mind and into your life teens, and the influential book, Thriving Adolescent. In the adult area, Joseph has published The Weight Escape, and Mindfulness, Acceptance, and Positive Psychology: The seven foundations of well-being, and Emotional intelligence: A practitioner’s guide. He has been honoured with over four million dollars in research funding. His work has been discussed on T.V., and in magazines, newspaper articles, and radio.

His research focuses understanding and promoting flexible strength (or psychological flexibility). Flexible strength is the ability to use psychological skills in a way that promotes personal growth and builds vitality and valued action. The psychological skills that support flexible strength have been given many labels, including: emotional intelligence, mindfulness, emotional awareness, value clarity, self-compassion, growth mindset, creativity, willpower, resilience, persistence, and grit.

Workshop title: A young person’s guide to life: Or how to help young people have adventures of a lifetime, even when life gives them s**t

Facilitators: Dr Louise Hayes and Professor Joseph Ciarrochi



Kelly Wilson

Kelly G. Wilson, Ph.D., is a Professor of Psychology and winner of multiple teaching awards at the University at Mississippi. He is Past President and Fellow of the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science. Wilson has devoted himself to the development and dissemination of ACT and its underlying theory and philosophy for the past 25 years, and has published more than 90 articles and chapters, as well as 11 books including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: The Process and Practice of Mindful Change, ACT for Chronic Pain, and most recently Using ACT to Treat Anorexia and the Spectrum of Anorectic Behavior. He has central interests in the application of behavioral principles to understanding topics such as purpose, meaning and values. In recent years, he has become fascinated by the link between ACT, evolution science, and the modern pidemic of chronic life-style illnesses. Wilson is one of the founders of Accceptance and Commitment Therapy and has presented workshops and provided consultancy in 32 countries.

Workshop title: Using Values, Self-Care, and Self-Compassion to improve Long-term health conditions

Facilitator: Professor Kelly Wilson



Bruce Arroll

Bruce Arroll is a Professor of General Practice who is from Auckland New Zealand and has developed a rapid mental health consulting service in his general practice. He is an academic with over 300 papers published in the scientific literature and the focus of his current research is on brief diagnostic and therapeutic interventions for common mental disorders such as mood and anxiety.  He enjoys teaching and gets high praise from his audiences

Workshop title: Getting big results from brief psychological consults (a one day workshop on focused acceptance and commitment therapy (FACT))

Facilitator: Dr Bruce Arroll



Emily Sandoz

Dr. Emily K. Sandoz is the Emma Louise LeBlanc Burguieres/BORSF Endowed Professor of Social Sciences in the Psychology Department at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Emily is the Director of the Louisiana Contextual Science Research Group and the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science. She has co-authored three books on acceptance and commitment therapy for struggles with eating and body image, along with chapters and journal articles on ACT, Relational Frame Theory, values, the therapeutic relationship, and psychological flexibility. Emily has led more than 60 professional training workshops around the world, and serves as a peer-reviewed ACT trainer. She also practices as a Clinical Psychologist, focusing on clinical behavior analysis of body-related difficulties.

Workshop title: Nurturing Roots to Reach New Heights: Revisiting Foundations for Mastering Flexible, Process-Based ACT Implementation

Facilitator: Dr Emily Sandoz



Eric Morris

Dr Eric Morris is a clinical psychologist and Director of the La Trobe University Psychology Clinic in Melbourne, Australia. Eric has developed and researched acceptance and commitment therapy as an individual- and group-based intervention for people recovering from psychosis, for caregivers, and for those experiencing problems such as social anxiety, and insomnia. He has also evaluated ACT groups as a workplace wellbeing and effectiveness training in mental health services and higher education settings. Eric is a co-editor of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Mindfulness for Psychosis, co-author of the self-help guide, ACTivate Your Life, and co-author of the group treatment manual, ACT for Psychosis Recovery.

Title: Running effective Group Acceptance & Commitment Therapy: using mindfulness & values-based action to empower change

Facilitator: Dr Eric Morris




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