ACT Trainers

ACBS ACT- Peer Reviewed Trainers

ACBS ACT- Peer Reviewed Trainers are committed to training with high fidelity to the ACBS model and work from explicit, agreed-upon shared values as they train others in ACT. The ACBS training community uses a process of peer review to determine whether a trainer meet criteria.

Below is a list of ACBS ACT-Peer Reviewed Trainers located in Australia and New Zealand:

Ben Sedley is based in Wellington, New Zealand, to visit his website:

Emma Hanieh  is based in Adelaide. To visit her website:

Graham Taylor is based in Perth. To visit his website:

Joe Ciarrochi is based in Wollongong. To visit his website:

Louise Hayes is based in Melbourne, To visit her website go to or her ACBS training page

Louise Shepherd is based in Sydney. To visit her website:

Mary Sawyer is based in Sydney. Email Mary: To visit her website:

Mitch Hart is based in Perth. To visit his website:

Russ Harris is based in Melbourne: To visit his website:


Trainers Who are Currently/Soon to Undergo Peer Review

Julie Grove is based in Sydney. To contact her email:

Paul Atkins in Canberra and Sydney. To visit his website: Or email                 

Rachel Collis is based in Brisbane. To visit her website:


Other People You May Contact to Discuss Training

Bernard Parker is based in Canberra. Email:

Dung Nguyen is based in Adelaide. Email:

Julian McNally is based in Melbourne. To visit his website:

Judy Pickard is based in Wollongong. Email:

Robert Purssey is based in Brisbane. Email:


Additional ACT Trainers in New Zealand

Elizabeth Maher is based in New Zealand. To visit her website:

Additional Training Opportunities

ANZ ACBS hosts ACT Training at our Annual Conference.

You will also find information about ACT training on the International ACBS website: