ANZACBS Pre-Conference Workshops 2017



Lisa Coyne
Dr. Coyne is the Founder and Director of the McLean OCD Institute for Children and Adolescents at McLean Hospital, and is on the Faculty of Harvard Medical School. She is a Research Associate Professor in the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program at Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts, and is on the Faculty of the Behavior Therapy Training Institute (BTTI) of the International OCD Foundation.  She is also a licensed psychologist and an internationally recognized ACT trainer with extensive experience using ACT with young people with OCD and their families. She has authored multiple articles and chapters on ACT with children and adolescents, and is a co-author of the book The Joy of Parenting: New Harbinger Press. Her new book, The ACT Guide to Teen Anxiety and OCD: Guilford Press, is expected in early 2018.



JoAnne Dahl
JoAnne Dahl presently holds the position of  tenured professor in psychology at the University of Uppsala. She is also a licensed clinical psychologist with speciality in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Behaviour Analysis. Her research extending over 40 years has focused on behaviour medicine. JoAnne developed and evaluated behavioural methods for treating epileptic seizures and subsequently received a commission within the International Epilepsy society with the aim of developing behavioural programs in developing countries. Programs in India and South Africa have been developed and evaluated in a number of randomised controlled studies. Similar behavioural interventions were developed and valued for chronic asthma, pain, obesity and constipation. In over a decade, JoAnne has been doing clinical research using ACT for epilepsy, pain and obesity. Besides nearly 40 published clinical studies, JoAnne has, together with RFT researchers and clinicians both professional textbooks and self-help books in the areas of epilepsy, Values, pain, intimate relationships, and overweight. Recently, JoAnne has hosted a webtalkradio program produced in Chicago called ‘ACT taking hurt to hope’ where clinicians, researchers worldwide are interviewed. JoAnne served as ACBS President for Swedish Chapter 2014.




Darin Cairns 
Darin Cairns has over 15 years experience in treating children, adults and families for a range of psychological disorders. He has specialised in emotional, neurological and developmental disorders. Clinically, Darin has expertise in child, adolescent, family therapy and developmental disorders such as autism spectrum disorders. He also has extensive experience in adult mood disorders and works as a single expert witness.

Darin is well known for his work with children, adolescents and adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Darin has set up award winning early intervention services in Western Australia for children with ASD and related conditions. He was initially trained in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), Clinical Behaviour Analysis and Functional Analytic Psychotherapy. After many years working with developmental specialists and clinicians his frustration at not being able to bridge the gap from ABA to complex behavioural and emotional domains lead him to Relational Frame Theory (RFT). He has since applied Relational Frame Theory (RFT) to hundreds of developmental programs for children with autism spectrum disorders and special needs and continues to practice clinically using therapies developed from RFT such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and other third wave Cognitive Behavioural Approaches.

Darin has lectured at the tertiary level and has provided over 150 training courses to a wide range of populations in the medical, health and public settings. He is a sought after speaker in the use of evidence based practice to promote psychological wellbeing and development around the world having been invited to speak in the UK, Europe, the US and most of Australia.




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