Evolutionary Science


ACBS is committed to exploring and fostering the relationship between modern evolution science and contextual behavioral science. This is done from the viewpoint that contextual behavioral science is part of evolution science, most clearly through it’s emphasis on issues of variation and selective retention. CBS can help to understand the nature and interaction of evolutionary streams (ie. genetic, epigenetic, behavioral, symbolic, etc.), at multiple levels of selection (individual and group), and evolution science can help to better understand how CBS can be further applied and fine-tuned.

At recent ACBS World Conferences we have had world leaders in evolution science spearhead the integration of evolutions science research with behaviour, culture and learning influences. In Sydney in 2014, we were fortunate to have one of the world’s leading evolution scientists, Dr. Eva Jablonka, speak on how the environment and learning contribute to hereditary variations in subsequent generations.

In Washington in 2013, we heard Dr. David Sloane Wilson, a world leader in evolution science, launch his ProSocial project within ACBS. This aims to use evolutionary principles and ACT processes to change whole communities.

ACT Work in ANZ ACBS Community

There are several people in our ANZ ACBS community that are working as part of Dr. David Sloane Wilson’s ProSocial project, including Dr. Joseph Ciarrochi at the University of Western Sydney, Dr. Paul Atkins and Robert Styles at Australia’s National University, Canberra, and Priscilla Almada at the University of Wollongong.


Dr. Eva Jablonka’s talk from WorldCon Sydney.
David Sloan Wilson’s talks from WorldCon Parma.
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