Organisational Applications


Acceptance and Commitment Training is being used in workplace interventions across Australia and New Zealand, incuding: executive coaching, resilience training, and developing effective pro-social teams and organisations.

More than 20 studies have shown that psychological flexibility predicts a wide-range of work-related outcomes – including work attitudes, wellbeing, job performance and absence rates {Bond, 2013}. ACT interventions have been show to both increase psychological flexibility and:

· Reduce work-related emotional distress {Bond, 2000}
· Increase productivity {Bond, 2000}
· Increase innovation {Bond, 2000}
· Increase transformational leadership behaviours {Bond, 2011}
· Improve team leadership leading to increased organisational commitment and profit {Bond, 2011}
· Reduce unplanned absences from work for employees with chronic health problems {Dahl, 2004}
· Increase the application of new learning to the job {Varra, 2008}
· Increase job satisfaction {Bond, 2003}
· Increase the benefit of job redesign {Bond, 2008}
· Increase motivation {Keogh, 2006}
· Improve performance {Keogh, 2006} {Bond, 2003},
· Increase resilience {Flaxman, 2010}
· Decrease the incidence of burnout {Vilardaga, 2011}{Hayes, 2004}

ACT Work in ANZ ACBS Community

To get an introduction to organisational  have a look at the Working with ACT blog and subscribe to their newsletter. This blog is hosted and written by ANZ members, Paul Atkins and Rachel Collis (and their UK colleague Rob Archer). Their website is home to several articles, presentations, and additional resources covering a wide range of topics relevant for organisations.

Rachel Collis is an executive coach and facilitator working with a range of private and public sector organisations across Australia. Rachel applies CBS to organisational settings, including using ACT and FAP in her coaching and using the Ostrom principles in her work with teams. She also provides workshops based on ACT on topics such as resilience, change management and conflict management. She is currently writing a book on meaningful success – applying CBS principles to research on career success.

Groundbreaking  work is also happening locally in  organisational research and academia, including:

1) The application of RFT to organisations (via Paul Atkins and Robert Styles, ANU).

2) Building compassion in organisations (via Paul Atkins, ANU).

3) Using ACT to build resilience in workers in high stress roles (via Joseph Ciarrochi, University of Western Sydney).


1) Come to our Annual Conference this year on the Sunshine Coast, where we will be hosting both preconference workshops and main conference workshops and talks on ACT and organisations.

2) Check out the Working with ACT blog and join the newsletter.

3) Rachel Collis also has a YouTube channel and speaker page, where you can find relevant organizational resources.

4) Join the ACBS Leadership, Organizational Behavior Management and Public Policy Special Interest Group.

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