While most people find themselves in the ACBS community because of the well-known clinical application of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, more research and practical technologies have been created under the CBS umbrella and CBS is constantly expanding.

The ANZ ACBS board has mapped some of the CBS research and practice-based  developments for our members below.  We have developed sections for you on applied areas such as education and development, medical applications and organisational consultancy.

To use this CBS mind map tool, click on any relevant area you’d like to learn more about for further information on research, application, linked resources and an updated list on who’s doing relevant work in the area in our ANZ ACBS community.  We expect this map to evolve over the years, and would love the contributions and expertise of our community. Please feel free to share any additions by contacting us directly (please click on the mail icon in the top right hand corner).

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Contextual Behavioural Science

Contextual Behavioural Science (CBS) is a coherent, multi-leveled system of philosophical assumptions, scientific values, and methodological guidelines. CBS is an extension from behaviour analysis in both methodology and assumptions. This approach changes the scientific goal found in many other paradigms and disciplines, from examining form of behaviour, to focusing on context and function of behaviour.

CBS is an approach that is consistent with the latest thinking in evolutionary science, but can also be found in fields as broad as anthropology and behavioural economics. Most importantly, CBS is fuelled by a group of researchers, theorists, practitioners, educators and therapists who share the same value to humbly forward and inform our understanding of ourselves for the betterment of us all.