In 2017 we launched our first ever global webinar series.

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We began the series with guest presentations by esteemed ACT Pioneers:

Steve Hayes, PhD
Kelly Wilson, Phd
JoAnne Dahl, Phd
Robyn Walser, PhD (event page coming soon)

The webinars are recorded for those who can’t attend live, and the replays, slides and handouts are made available in a member area the day after the live event.

Feedback from those who have been able to participate* has been staggeringly positive and we’ll work on getting some of that online soon.

The goal of the webinar series is to serve as many of our ACBS community as possible by making top quality CBS practitioners available in an accessible, affordable and convenient way for those who have difficulty getting to the conference or other other in-person events.

*Unfortunately we have experienced some teething problems as we try to find the balance between an affordable future-proof webinar platform that can automate as much as possible while delivering a positive user experience. We are a volunteer led association with an 8 hr per week office solely supported by conferences (we don’t charge membership fees) and an undertaking such as this is requiring a little adjustment to find the best fit.

Despite the challenges, the continual and detailed feedback from attendees who have already participated (Thank You!) has encouraged us that this activity is valuable and wanted.

One unexpected problem has been deliverability issues with emails to registered webinar attendees! We will use the announcements section below to keep the latest information as it comes online. That way, even if you do not see an email you are waiting for, you can come to this page to find out more.

In addition we’ve begun an FAQ page here and will continue to update this in response to your feedback. You can submit feedback and questions directly on this form.


Are you missing some of the emails regarding webinars?

We will be sure to update this page whenever we have new information so bookmark it for future reference if email is not proving reliable!

Replay for JoAnne Dahl webinar now in your replay member area!

If you have purchased this webinar as a single event, your new member area login is here. You will have received an email with your login details earlier in the week. If you cannot find it, use the Forgot password link to set a new password using the same email address that you used to register for the webinar. For those of you who purchased 3 or 4 of the ACT Pioneers as part of a series, simply go to your usual member area to find the latest replay and slides.

Rescheduled JoAnne Dahl webinar link now in your inbox.

Look for the email with the subject: Confirmation: You’ve Registered for “How can ACT help prevent prejudice and racism? (new)”

New dates for webinars with JoAnne Dahl & Robyn Walser

Due to the livestream server outage during the live event** with JoAnne Dahl last week we’ve set new dates for both the JoAnne and Robyn Walser events.

The revised ACT Pioneers timetable is as follows:

* JoAnne Dahl, PhD presenting: How can ACT help prevent prejudice and racism?
Use this link to check this time in your timezone.A replay of the event will be available with no time limit set for expiry.

* Robyn Walser, PhD presenting: ACT as Process: Bridging the Gap between Conceptual Understanding and Process in Practical Application
Use this link to check this time in your timezone.
A replay of the event will be available for 2 weeks after publishing.

** All registrants were emailed after the webinar within the hour with an email subject: “RESCHEDULING: JoAnne Dahl Webinar today [livestream server outage].

This email was sent again 4 hrs later.

Unfortunately we appear to be having email deliverability problems.

If you are not receiving such emails please check your spam folders and whitelist the sender in your contacts.

The revised date/time have been updated here:


We apologise for the inconvenience and will update you as we receive more information.