Margaret Mary Occupational Health and Wellness Center: Your Ultimate Guide

Margaret Mary Occupational Health and Wellness Center is a name that might not be familiar to everyone, but for those who value their health and wellness, it's a name worth knowing. This center focuses on providing high-quality occupational health services with an emphasis on preventative care. Margaret Mary Occupational Health and Wellness Center has been serving the community for years, helping individuals stay healthy at work.

The center offers various programs to ensure healthy living in the workplace such as injury prevention programs, drug testing services, employer consultation services etc. They also provide consultations with experienced physicians who specialize in occupational medicine. At Margaret Mary Occupational Health and Wellness Center, they prioritize education to prevent diseases from spreading within workplaces by training employees on how to maintain good hygiene.

If you're looking for ways to improve your health while working or running a business or if you simply want more information about this outstanding facility then read on!

Margaret Mary Occupational Health and Wellness Center: Promoting Health and Wellness


The Margaret Mary Occupational Health and Wellness Center is a highly reputable healthcare facility located in Batesville, Indiana. The center has been providing exceptional healthcare services to the community since its inception in 1930. Over the years, the center has expanded its services to include occupational health and wellness programs that promote healthy living among employees.

What is Margaret Mary Occupational Health?

Margaret Mary Occupational Health (MMOH) refers to a range of health promotion programs offered by the Margaret Mary Healthcare System for employers interested in improving employee health outcomes while reducing absenteeism rates. MMOH provides employers with customized solutions that meet their specific needs and concerns.

One of the key features of MMOH is its focus on preventive care. The program helps employees identify potential risk factors for chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, hypertension, among others through regular health screenings.

What are some benefits of MMOH?

Employers who choose to enroll their workforce into MMHO enjoy numerous benefits including:

  • Reduced healthcare costs: By promoting preventative care measures such as regular check-ups ,MMOH reduces incidences costly medical procedures due to late diagnosis or treatment.
  • Increased productivity: Healthy employees are more productive compared with those who are constantly ill or absent.
  • Improved job satisfaction: Employee morale improves when they feel valued by their employer's investment in their wellbeing.

All these aspects contribute towards creating a healthier work environment whereby staff can thrive both physically an emotionally.

Services Offered at MMHO

There are various services offered at MMHO which aim at ensuring that your workforce stays healthy all year round:

Physical Examinations

At MMHO we provide comprehensive physicals that assess everything from blood pressure levels & cardiovascular wellbeing down through vision screening & hearing tests amongst other things.. These exams help establish your baseline measurements against which future assessments will be made so any changes can be detected early on.

Immunization Programs

Our immunization programs help protect employees from illnesses such as flu, tetanus, pneumonia and hepatitis A&B . Employees are also educated about lifestyle changes that can help avoid contracting communicable diseases. This education is especially vital given the current climate where Covid-19 has become a global threat.

Health Education

MMOH provides various resources to educate employees on different aspects of health and wellness. We offer informational materials, workshops or seminars to address topics such as chronic disease management , stress reduction and nutrition .

How does MMHO Help Employers?

MMOH can assist employers in several ways:

Safety Training

Margaret Mary Occupational Health offers safety training courses that promote injury prevention among employees in high-risk occupations. These courses target industries like construction companies for whom employee work environment is considered high risk.

Drug Testing

Drug addiction remains a serious problem across many industries around the world . At Margaret Mary Occupational Health we offer customized drug screening programs based on your company's needs which ensure you hire suitable candidates whose behaviour won't hinder their productivity or put others at risk due to their addiction issues


In conclusion, Margaret Mary Occupational Health Services provides an array of services designed to improve employee health outcomes while reducing healthcare costs for employers.. With over 90 years' experience providing quality healthcare services , MMHO has proven its track record when it comes occupational health & wellness solutions. By investing in MMOH's preventative care measures not only will you reduce medical expenses but also increase productivity levels along with creating healthier workplace culture & happier staff members who feel valued by management investment into thier wellbeing making them more likely stay loyal towards employer


What is the Margaret Mary Occupational Health and Wellness Center?

The Margaret Mary Occupational Health and Wellness Center is a healthcare facility that provides occupational health services. This center serves as a one-stop-shop for employees of various companies to get access to on-site healthcare services. The center offers top-notch medical care, wellness programs, health screenings, drug testing, vaccinations, physical therapy services among others.

At the Margaret Mary Occupational Health and Wellness Center patients are treated by highly trained medical professionals who are dedicated to ensuring their well-being. Whether you want treatment for injuries sustained while at work or need preventive care service such as vaccinations or flu shots this facility has got you covered. The staff at the center know how busy life can be so they have made it easy for people who work long hours by providing flexible scheduling options.

If you need medical attention but cannot make it to your doctor's office due to time constraints then consider using the occupational health services offered by the MMH&WC.

How can I schedule an appointment with MMH&WC?

Scheduling an appointment with MMH&WC is easy; all you have to do is visit their website where there's a contact form that allows patients to request appointments online.

Alternatively, if you prefer talking over calling then call +1(812)935-6034 during business hours which run from Monday through Friday 7:30am-5pm EST; on weekends they are closed.

When making an appointment be sure give accurate information about your employer so that billing will be handled appropriately.

What types of tests does MMH&WC offer?

MMH&WC offers many different types of tests including drug screening (which includes DOT Testing), alcohol breathalyzer testings PA hearing evaluations spirometry (breathing test), immunizations/vaccinations titer testing (immunity levels check after vaccination).

Additionally we also offer physical examinations, respirator fit testing and other specialized tests required by certain industries.

The center's lab is well equipped with state-of-the-art equipment which allows our medical staff to accurately diagnose various health conditions. Test results are usually available within a reasonable timeframe so that appropriate treatment can be administered promptly.

What Employee services does MMH&WC Offer?

MMH&WC offers a variety of employee services such as wellness programs, onsite flu shots and vaccinations. These types of preventive care services help keep employees healthy while reducing absenteeism rates in the workplace.

Additionally, the center provides customized occupational health services for employers who want to establish or improve their employee wellness programs. This includes things like drug testing policies and procedures guidance on OSHA regulations regarding worker safety etc.

Employers who take advantage of these offerings typically have healthier workforces; they also enjoy more productivity amongst their workers since sick days are minimized due to regular healthcare check-ups.

Does MMH&WC accept insurance?

Yes! Margaret Mary Occupational Health & Wellness Center accepts most major insurance types including Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield Cigna Aetna United Healthcare among others.

It's important to note that each employer may choose different payment options when utilizing this service so it is best for you contact your HR department or call us directly at +1(812)935-6034 for assistance in making an appointment with one of our medical professionals.

In conclusion, if you're looking for quality occupational health care then Margaret Mary Occupational Health & Wellness Center should be your go-to provider! The facility has highly trained medical staff working around the clock ensuring patients receive top-notch care no matter what time they come in. With its convenient location coupled with flexible scheduling options it makes visiting the facility easy even if you work long hours or have busy schedules – making sure your healthcare needs do not go unattended is something we take very seriously at MMH&W.C

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